Friday, February 22, 2019

How Essential Oils Helped Me Fall In Love With Cooking

I never wanted to cook. I despised even thinking about cooking. The thought of preparing a meal and being let down by how it could taste made me want to pull my own teeth out.

When the holiday catalog came out I was surprised by how interested I was in the culinary set. I couldn't stop thinking about it. For once I was interested in cooking the food rather than just eating it.

Dustin's mom gave me the culinary set for Christmas and I was stoked!!! The kit comes with:
-stainless steel mixing bowl with a silicone lid
-stainless steel and silicone wisk, scraper, serving spoon, and spatula
-bamboo oil rack
-6 essential oils (peppermint, lavender, cinnamon bark, oregano, orange, and rosemary)

So far I have mastered the art of a great marmalade. I've even branched out of the recipe book and created my own favorite ones! I'm so surprised that I am able to cook food that we both like to eat. 

The cookbook has everything from soups and meals to desserts. It offers a wide range of dishes which I love! I can't wait to experiment more. 
The bamboo rack is very cute and I love having it displayed in the kitchen. I added all of my vitality oils to it and love creating new combinations with them! 

Who would have thought that the oily world would make me fall in love with cooking!

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