Saturday, December 8, 2018

Pet Safety with Essential Oils

Are Essential Oils safe to use around my pet? To keep it short and sweet, most oils are safe for pets but just like everything else they need to be used with caution. You'd give your pup a piece of chicken but not the entire chicken, right?

Keep reading for safety tips and tricks on using essential oils around your pets.

Just like humans, every animal is different. So put your research pants on and dip your toes in to the oily world. You will quickly see that pets can be around essential oils...cats, dogs, hamsters, hedgehogs, reptiles, etc. If oils are something that you want to try, go for it! Your sweet pet can even benefit from oils, just like you do!

Here are a few ways to introduce your pet to a new oil:
-Be around your pet oil wearing an oil. Don't douse yourself in it... just try a drop or two. Make sure you pay attention to how your animal reacts. Does he walk towards you or does he run for the hills? If Fido is running for the hills then try a different oil.
-Keep the lid on the bottle and let them sniff it. Again, where's Fido? Is he charging towards the hills? No? Good!
-Diffuse an oil but make sure your pet has a way to escape if he doesn't like the oil. If he isn't happy with how an oil is making him feel oil, he will not stay around and suffer... his instincts will tell him to flee #animalinstinct #headforthehills When you are diffusing, always have a place for your pet to escape. Never leave an animal in a small room with a diffuser on and no way to escape the smell.
-Apply a drop of oil onto your hand and allow him to sniff it. Pay attention to how he reacts.

I can't stress this enough- Every animal is different and you need to pay attention to how your pet reacts to an oil. Oils can be so beneficial, but only if they are used correctly.

Here are a few safety tips for using oils around your pet:
-DILUTE DILUTE DILUTE. Don't apply an oil directly onto your pet. Heavily dilute the oil with a carrier oil... just like you would do for a baby.
-Go low and slow and use caution- just like you would do for a baby!
-When diffusing- always allow the pet access to escape or avoid the diffused oil.
-Apply diluted oils on area that your pet can't access... the back is a great place to apply oils. More on that down below.
-Never apply oils near the eyes or ears.

Essential Oils provide waaaayyyy too many benefits to list, but know that oils are super easy to use. The best part is that they work almost immediately. Bella had always hated going for rides in the car. Last summer we took her for an hour long car ride and it was actually an enjoyable experience thanks to oils! She was happy, we were happy, and she didn't have to stay home alone!

We built Bella's oil collection up slowly. We didn't just throw them on her and plop her into the car... it was a process! Oils really work for Bella and help her stay cool, calm, and collected. If oils work for us they can definitely work for you, too!

Animals are more sensitive and they obviously can't talk (even though I'm 99% sure that Bella can almost talk) so pay attention to how they react.

Go low and slow. Start with one drop of oil and plenty of carrier oil on your hand and allow your animal to sniff your hand. If they hang around, slowly start to apply it to a place where they can't lick. We apply oils to Bella's back. Bella cannot lick her back. We feel that the safest place to apply oils to Bella is on her back... but every animal is different. We don't apply oils to Bella's head because oils need to stay away from the eyes and the ears.... we also don't apply oils to Bella's paws. Bella licks her paws and we don't want her to accidentally ingest an oil. Long story short, the back is where it's at for Bella.

We have also put one drop of oil into a spray bottle with a little water and sprayed the mix onto Bella's blanket. This is how I tested Gentle Baby with Bella. I knew she liked it because she walked over to her blanket, sniffed it, and laid down on top of it. Gentle Baby is one of Bella's most used oils. Gentle Baby gets us through those long car rides!

I have stood face to face with people that have said, "Oh I can't use oils, I have a cat and I read online that my cat will die if I use oils." Where's the buzzer...because let me buzz in and say that that is WRONG. All you need to do is educate yourself and learn how oils work.

It's important that you get high quality oils. It's all about quality oils. Quality over quantity. You don't want oils with chemicals or synthetics or whoknowswhatelse in there. You need the good oils. You need the 100% pure plant oils to use in your home and around your favorite four legged (or two legged, or one legged, or zero legged) friends. Our pets can't talk, so we must make the right choice for them... that's our job as pet owners!! We love our pets unconditionally and help them live a healthy life.

Yes! You just need to pay attention and follow your animals lead. The nice thing is that we have a fantastic group dedicated to using oils on and around pets and the group even gives you ways to use oils for different animals. Young Living even has a line of animal products safe for your favorite family members!

Questions? Hit me up! I'm not an expert but I will help you find the answer. There's so much more to learn!


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