Friday, August 31, 2018

Young Living Lavender Mint Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Back Story: I have medium length curly/wavy hair and with the wrong shampoo/conditioner my hair gets greasy fast.When I used toxin-filled shampoo/conditioner I would fly through the bottles. It was hard for me to find something that cleansed my hair and kept it clean. I felt like even though I would wash my hair it still felt dirty!

Review: I love using plant-based products that are toxin free! The best part is they leave my hair feeling clean and looking fresh! Have you seen the video floating around the internet of the hair stylist combing nasty wax out of peoples hair??! That used to be me!!!! Just because Target sells it doesn't mean it's good for you.

Last winter I received sample sizes of the Young Living Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner. This was my first experience with plant-based hair products. Plot twist- I fell in love with the Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner AND I couldn't get enough of the yummy smell!

When I ran out of the lavender shampoo and conditioner I decided to branch out and try the Lavender Mint Shampoo and Conditioner.

I started using these products on March 10. They lasted me over 150 days. That's pretty good for a 10oz bottle! My old toxin-filled products wouldn't have ever lasted me that long. I was buying big 32oz bottles and flying through them.

In June, my world was shook with the revolutionary idea of doubling the life of my shampoo bottle. Leslie Burris wrote all about that here. Leslie is super savvy! A little over half of my bottle of shampoo was left so I followed Leslie's instructions. Drumroll.....I loved the results! I felt like using the shampoo in its original form was almost too cleansing and weighing down my hair.

These products smell minty with a hint of lavender. They smell very clean but aren't too overpowering.

Once my hair dries I can smell a little bit of mint but no lavender. It's nothing noticeable to anyone else... only to myself when I shove my hair literally up my nose to smell it for the purpose of this blog post.

I use a quarter sized amount of shampoo and a half dollar (does anyone even know what those are anymore) sized amount of conditioner. My hair feels so clean after I shampoo and conditioner! Oddly enough, I feel like my hair looks just as clean even as the days go by.

These products are advertised as a "daily shampoo" and a "daily conditioner. I typically wash my hair twice a week... only more if something tragic happens. I do use a tiny bit of dry shampoo on my non-wash days but much less than I used to use when I was using toxin-filled products.

My only complaint is that my hair doesn't feel as soft as it feels when I use the lavender shampoo and conditioner. These products don't leave my hair feeling straw-like, but it's just doesn't feel as nice as I know it could feel. I feel like the mint lavender is really cleansing and not as moisturizing. I prefer the lavender shampoo and conditioner over the lavender mint... but if I could only get my hands on this one I would survive.

Young Living also has a Vanilla Copaiba Shampoo/Conditioner... have you tried it? I'll be trying it next! I have a feeling this stuff is amazing because it's always sold out... seriously, it's been sold out for months!! I can't wait to try it.


Tuesday, August 21, 2018

What's in My Oily Bag: Summer 2018 Edition

Hello from Camp!

I don't need much when I go to the lake. I bring a bathing suit, clothes, and everything listed below. The only thing I forgot was bug spray, and I did just fine without it!

Here's what I brought with me to camp.


Thieves Dentarome Toothpaste- for obvious reasons.

Mineral Sunscreen Lotion- safe for your skin and safe for the turtles (or any other water life) It’s thicker than other sunscreens and doesn’t have a scent. I feel like it spreads nicely and sinks into my skin without me feeling like a grease ball.

Meadow Mist Deodorant- Deodorant was one of the hardest products for me to “ditch and switch” This doesn’t smell like roses or whatever else my old Deodorant smelled like but it works and is MUCH better for my skin. Someday I want to try the Mountain Mint Deodorant but until then I have this.

Acne Treatment- Amazing. Contains salicylic acid. I use this product everyday. You probably wouldn’t notice but I can tell my skins clearing up!


Progessence Plus Serum- I apply one drop on my wrist and rub it together with my other wrist. I do this twice a day. Balanced hormones are a must.

Peppermint Essential Oil- I bring this everywhere... literally everywhere. I apply it to the bottom of my nose whenever I feel any head tension. Peppermint works wonders!!! We don’t even own any bottles of pills anymore!

Thieves Essential Oil- I pop a drop or two of this into my Ningxia Red everyday. It adds a nice cinnamon kick and is great for keeping us healthy.

EndoFlex Essential Oil- Gotta keep that endocrine system satisfied. I roll this over my neck twice a day.

Sprays and Roller Balls:

Tummy Tamer Roll On- you just never know when an upset tummy is coming... or isn’t coming... I store this in an old Digize container. Digize and Peppermint with carrier oil FTW!

After Sun Spray- recipe here. Cooling and soothing. Perfect relief after a day out in the sun.

Long and Strong Nail Serum- MY NAILS ARE GETTING SO LONG AND SO STRONG. YAHOOOOOOOOOOO! I use this every day.

Stay Healthy Spray- I use this every night. I spray it onto my spine and rub it in. I swear it keeps me healthy. 

Valor Roll On- Valor is basically my security blanket. I use it for courage and so many other things!  

Muscle Melter Roll On- You never know when something’s going to snap, or crack, or pop. Okay... that was dramatic...But this stuff soothes muscles like nobody’s business.

Bella’s Oils: (Post on Bella's fear of car/travel coming soon!)

Lavender Essential Oil- Life changing Lavender!!! Thirty minutes before departure, I put a small drop of coconut oil in my palm followed by two drops of Lavender. I rub it down her spine, behind her ears, and on her collar. I rub the remaining into my hands to keep me cool, calm, and collected as well. She sits/lays in the car and doesn’t make a peep... she doesn't even shake. 

Gentle Baby Essential Oil- Gentle baby is a blend of coriander, geranium, palmarosa, lavender, ylang ylang, roman chamomile, bergamont, lemon, jasmine, and rose. We put Gentle Baby on Bella's special blanket. She’s had this blanket since she was a tiny puppy. I’d like to think of it as her security blanket... like Linus's blanket from Charlie Brown... but I’m sure Bella just thinks it’s comfy to lay on. Gentle Baby helps keep Bella Baby calm! I put two or three (YL oils are super concentrated, you only need a little bit!)

What are your must haves for an overnight trip? 

Sunday, August 12, 2018

DIY After Sun Spray

Feelin' the pain after a a fun day under the sun?
Try this quick and easy DIY After Sun Spray.
It is toxin-free and provides relief almost instantly! It's soothing and cooling and smells great too!

2 ounces Water
1.5 ounces Fresh Aloe Vera Gel
15 drops Lavender Essential Oil
5 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
2 drops Spearmint Essential Oil
Glass Spray Bottle

Combine all ingredients into a glass spray bottle and shake it up!

To Use: 
Shake well before each use. Spray onto skin.
Extra tip: I store mine in the fridge. It keeps it extra cold for an added cooling bonus.