Saturday, February 10, 2018

The Fridge Situation; Thanks Thieves!

We recently went on a cruise and while we were in Jamaica we learned a motto that Jamaican’s supposedly follow: 

“In Jamaica there are no problems- only situations, and situations can be dealt with”.

When we got back to land we were faced with our own situation, but at first we didn’t choose to deal with it. Instead, we let our situation grow for nine days. Each day the situation kept growing and each day we pushed it further back in our minds. 

Remember, every situation can be dealt with... I’m so glad I learned that trick. My mentality has seriously been changed... ‘seriously mon, its all good, we can deal with this’.

After we arrived home, we continued to eat from the fridge for the first few days. 
The next couple of days I stopped eating from the fridge and resorted to the freezer, except, that too had a faint smell of something I can only describe as musty-grass-dirt.... not as bad as the fridge, but bad enough. 
Days six and seven were a blur of eating out. 
Day eight was when it all hit the fan. I grabbed the ketchup and was smashed in the face with the stench. Except, the stench didn’t go away once I was far from the fridge. It stuck with me, because I was holding the stench. I was holding moldy ketchup. 

The mold had literally spread into everything including the condiments. I thought condiments could survive almost anything. Power outages, picnics, even an apocalypse. I specifically remember buying the jumbo bottle of ketchup because I really believed it would never die. I imagined us using this bottle of ketchup for years until it expired.

No, not anymore. The dream killer AKA THE MOLD turned our fridge, including the sacred bottle of ketchup, into a fuzzy petting zoo. 

I’m going to spare you the photos and instead tell you how we dealt with our “situation”. 

First of all, we had to throw out every single item (We did try to keep a few things, see the photo above, but in the end it all had to go.) from both the fridge and the freezer. Adios to the ketchup, frozen turkey, and even the frozen eye masks (which work great by the way). 

Angry about my meal lacking ketchup, I sent out a mass text message in search for anyone who had trash pick up on Tuesday. No one. The closest day was Wednesday

We are notorious for not eating our leftovers. We had fresh produce in the drawers and milk and cheese on the shelves. I think what really put us into this situation was the lasagna Dustin made well before Christmas. Yep. No shame, I said it, I’m owning up to it. Adios to that mold field and the lovely Pyrex dish it was housed in. It all had to go. 

We prepped a plan for the big dump. Dustin suggested I take the day off from work... I still don’t know if he was serious. We decided we would triple bag contents of the entire fridge and freezer and drop it off late Tuesday night so it wouldn’t ruin his grandparent's trash can. The trash can is probably ruined, but it has three months before they come home from Florida to smell it... with a few drops of Purification it should be just fine.

With the fridge empty we had some major cleaning to do. Here’s what we used:

Thieves Household Cleaner. 
It’s powerful, it’s safe, and I can tell you it really works. You wouldn’t even know we had a mold terrarium in our fridge! The fridge smells like a clean cinnamon-y box. It’s so clean I would lick it, and it doesn’t even smell like bleach!! We all know I'm about as scientific as a roll of aluminium, so go Google 'Thieves vs Bleach Mold' to see why I decided to try Thieves Household Cleaner. 

To keep it real, I did not think that Thieves would work... but it was all we had. We don't own a bottle of bleach anymore, so I had to give it a try. I figured if it didn't work we would buy some bleach but I was curious to see if it was going to work. 

If it comes back I will let you know, but until it does I think we're good and mold free!


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