Saturday, January 6, 2018

Satur-DIY: Easy Coffee Body Scrub

Happy Satur-DIY!!!
This is a really easy and super fantastic exfoliating body scrub that’s going to blow your mind! 

It’s perfect for early mornings but warning, it smells delicious! It smells like a peppermint latte😋 This scrub leaves your skin hydrated and glowing!

1 cup Brown Sugar
1 cup White Sugar
1/3 cup Fractionated Coconut Oil
3 TBSP Coffee Grounds (equal to one pod)
Peppermint Essential Oil
StressAway Essential Oil

Instructions: Combine all ingredients until thoroughly mixed. Store in a container. 
(I typically use 5 drops of each EO. Start small and keep adding until you’re satisfied with the scent.)

To Use: Rub in circular motions on the skin and rinse. 

Run to your kitchen right now and mix this up. Enjoy!

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